Campton House, Bedfordshire

Located in this quiet backwater of south west London, not far from the river Thames, this simple modest terrace house required a delicate and considered intervention to allow this growing family to stay in the home they treasured.

Careful single storey elements with large rooflights bathe the house with natural light and allow for a new connection between house and garden.

Refurbishment works on this terrace house extension also add appeal and value. The extension itself is split between living and studio workspace and a downstairs bathroom facility. All adding enjoyment, usability, space and value to the property.

Terrace extensions can be difficult to navigate, especially when it comes to getting planning permission; neighbouring residences are more of a consideration, as well as the neighbours themselves. It’s also more difficult to really open the space in a small residential building, but our award winning terrace house architects did a great job of creating a great space in this family home.

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