Kensworth Barn, Whipsnade

This scheme follows on from the conversion of a recently refurbished barn structure into an additional habitable living space. The essence and character of the traditional agricultural building has been retained in the double height open plan nature of the barn.

Our modifications include the relocation of the large existing opening on the internal courtyard elevation to the rear garden elevation to take advantage of the open countryside views and improve privacy. The scale and proportions of the opening have been designed to remain consistent with the existing agricultural character of traditional farm buildings which are generic to the locality. All other openings to the barn have been kept to a minimum and reflect the scale, proportion and materiality of existing openings.

The feature double height space is accentuated through the use of a carefully considered lighting scheme and high quality tactile finishes, in conjunction with the large format glazed openings.

The upper mezzanine, full height feature fireplace and change in levels creates a clever delineation of use and arrangement of spaces.