This design contributes to range of iconic one-off holiday homes we were involved in creating, in the nature-abundant area of Pred Pekelna, Dubrava.

Located high up in the upper Tatra mountains this innovative house within a series of 12 houses provides a elegant solution to visiting tenants with a single family dwelling providing 4 bedrooms, 3 en-suites and open plan living areas with fireplaces to each.

There are also external terrace areas with outdoor cooking and covered areas with space for hot tubs and storage to suit any family.

The materiality is a combination of stone, timber and render which reflects the natural location of the site and the winter snow which often covers the site.
Low lying single storey lines are deliberate to have low impact to the open landscape and to hug the ground against the waters edge.

A cantilevered section of the living space over the watercourse provides and exciting element to living in this unique house.