West Bay Apartments, Cayman Island

International Multiple Units

Located on the north-western corner to Grand Cayman this proposal seeks to provide high end residential condo’s apartment scheme. This provides sea views and external balconies to all units as well and internal accommodation which is luxurious and open plan.
3000 sq ft per Apartment

Landscaping which required critical analysis to the location and is designed in such a way that should storm surge or hurricanes affect the site then there is a low level of work required to reinstate the site.

The site has the provision for 12 car parking spaces, high levels of security and a communal resident’s infinity pool. The lower ground floor is also a sacrificial level which ‘allows’ for potential water to come in to the site so as not to affect any habitable accommodation.

Robust materials in the form of stone, aluminium framed windows and metal roofing system provides a robust and low maintenance solution.

Provision for solar panels, drinkable water tanks, low energy lighting and storm surge defence system provide a robust solution to the site.

1386L-ES-sea view
1386L-ES-front elevation!night

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