Chew Magna House - Bristol

Multiple Units | One-Off Houses

Within the grounds of a strikingly elegant Grade II* listed Gothic manor house dating back to the 16th Century, the estate also had a series of modern 20th century educational buildings which were fire damaged.

Within these grounds our proposals include the removal of the modern utilitarian educational buildings with the replacement being two dwellings which are more low lying with robust elegant materials and designed in a way that protects the original manor house in terms of major viewpoints and provides an enhancement to the conservation of the area.

This building is made from paternated copper which reflects the grass and ever green foliage in terms of the series of conifer trees that are within the site area and amplifies the green in the spring summer of the substantial deciduous trees that are in and around the site.

From the main driveway vista this low lying single storey building also sits against the backdrop of the rising distant hills and as such is ‘lost’ against these.

The building layout provides a series of courtyard spaces to the front and rear of the building providing enclosure and privacy to the dwelling.

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