Lower Mill Estate

Multiple Units

Here we were invited to design an exciting prospect of a one off “Landmark House” for the renowned Lower Mill Estate.

The Lower Mill Estate is far from a typical housing estate. Landmark Homes within the estate are fluent in a building language that demands high quality and sustainable design, constrained only by a framework dictated by the idyllic setting and the rules as set by the designer.

Our Landmark home is an experiment based on the simple form of a timber box and how it should respond to a waterfront location. The simple combination of timber and glass allows the 3 storey dwelling on stilts to blend into its natural surroundings whilst providing occupants with an elevated view across the water.

The 4 bedroom/4 bathroom house boasts all the features of modern contemporary living, including centralised lighting, audio, heating/cooling control, air and vacuum systems.

The house utilises organic paints and lacquer finishes with heat pump source heating and sustainable product specification including timber flooring from sustainable sources.

lowermill night
lowermill day

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