Residential Apartment Complex Architecture - Northampton

Our proposal for this great example of apartment complex architecture is based in the centre of Northampton in the Boot and Shoe Quarter Conservation Area. The existing site is vacant with a history of previous applications to the site. Our proposals are based on a careful study of modern living requirements and are in keeping nature of materials and design philosophy with modernist overtones to the design.

Our residential complex proposal includes 22 self-contained high-end apartments with associated stage, refuse store, cycle store and external amenity. The building will cover the full width of the site whilst being respectful to the development to the rear but using the levels of the land to provide more accommodation. There is a history of brick facades to the area and the road forms a historical canyon of these. This apartment complex sits next to a listed building in an outstanding area of industrial brickwork architecture and our scheme proposes to enhance the local area with its brickwork quality and intent.

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