Tomorrow's Townhouse

Our proposal consists of flexible multi-level terraces built to Lifetime Homes Standards, expansive and lively semi-private community spaces, as well as a safe, naturally lit and ventilated underground parking solution to accommodate the needs of a variety of homeowners.

The proposed standard home is designed to high environmental standards and is to include features such as a groundwater heat pump, photovoltaic (PV) panels located on the roof, as well as an integrated mechanical heat recovery system. Other features include a water harvesting system, mechanical solar louvres and internal blinds controlling the level of solar gain, as well the integration of a rainwater harvesting system for use alongside the washing machine, for plant watering and WC flushing. Additionally, each house will be fitted with an electric car charger as standard. The aim of this is to encourage homebuyers to consider the positive effects of choosing electric cars over the standard polluting vehicle.

The design is based upon the promotion of Future Form Modular Building Systems in the modern home. The system is fast, safe, efficient and is both time and cost efficient with regard to construction. It provides eco-friendly, sustainable, low-maintenance buildings with over 90% reduced waste during the construction process. It also provides a high level of thermal Insulation and air-tightness to the building.

The structural design of the building is very advanced with regard to ease of construction, as well as the possibility of prefabrication of the interiors and the facade to the buildings.

The houses are clad with Bionic tiles which provide the elevations with a very structured yet subtle appearance. The cladding also has eco-friendly benefits such as the ability to degrade the pollution it absorbs and converting it to fertiliser, ready to be used on the copious vegetation covering the site.

Gas filled, aluminium frame triple glazed window units will ensure maximum insulation to the houses, and minimising heat loss.