Bedfordshire Country New Build Design

One-Off Houses | Paragraph 79 Houses

This one-off country new build is a Hidden Gem, located in Bedfordshire; this rural dwelling has its own local stream and sits within a rejuvenation of woodland environment.

This contemporary country new build house is a shining example of combining different worlds to create something beautiful, with planning approved and constructed under the Paragraph 79 planning policy process.

The demolition of the existing farm/agricultural buildings allowed for landscaping improvements and a high quality design of a single 750sqm dwelling in open countryside largely hidden from view amidst the mature vegetation in the rural plot. .

This contemporary country new build house inspired by a modern European concept was deliberately designed to sit low in its surroundings, with the intention of allowing the building to flow out from the landscape and having a geology-based inspiration in its tectonic and geological forms.

Utilising local materials and drawing upon the benefits of a significantly enhanced landscaping solution locally to the country house design and to dozens of acres around, provides a holistic solution which allows the built form to settle in the landscape providing a gem within the Bedfordshire countryside.

The feeling of connectivity with the outside and the surroundings is enhanced by the use of extensive Panoramah glazing and a simple panel cladding system while the cantilever provides shade from the moving sun path.

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1460 Mill Lane stream
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02 Dusk_lake
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