Northchurch House - Hertfordshire

One-Off Houses

This is a rural location, but set within an area of a couple of dozen houses on generous plots not far from Northchurch in Hertfordshire and surrounded by the elegant landscape of the Chiltern Hills.

The site, which has a slight slope upwards, allowed for a modest two-storey building floating above you as you ascend the long straight driveway. The house provides a snapshot through the site beyond as you arrive and has a floating arm travelling west to east above you. There is also a modest basement proposed and courtyards framed by a long wall on the western boundary.

Materials are a robust render to the lower level and timber cladding to the upper level to mimic the trees around floating above us. The design sits well within the landscape and is complemented by additional soft and hard landscaping.

A timeless design that will stand the test of its location and changes in fashion.

North Church House - ivy todd 2
North Church House - ivy todd 1
North Church House - ivy todd 3
North Church House - ivy todd 4

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