The Stone House

Located in a small town near to Northampton, this stone new build house replaced a small dilapidated bungalow on a generous edge of village plot.

Their intention was to create a spacious, contemporary and sustainable family home; positively contributing to the character of the local area with stone architecture providing a classic local twist to a modern new build.

Working closely with a specialist planning consultant on the stone house architecture project, we adopted a clever strategy and approach, enabling us to achieve their brief and the significant increase in footprint and volume required. After engaging the LPA through pre-application discussions the scheme was approved at committee in 2015 with unanimous support from all 13 members.

It is not only the purity and positioning of the forms that was essential to the success of this stone new build, but also the simple, crisp detailing and application of a complementary material palette. The use of traditional local materials was carefully considered to help the proposal sit within both its built and natural context. The property was created using a variety of materials including brick, stone, slate and zinc detailing. The use of Northamptonshire Limestone on the first floor softens the overall rigidity of the house, evoking a subtle architectural quality.

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