Cultural Centre - Northwich

A new community catalyst to the area, designed with a respectful nod to the local context of this unique and challenging site.

Our proposals centre around creating an innovative, cutting edge civic regeneration hub.

Integrated with the historic and local distinctiveness, our proposal provides a solid 5 storey high ‘services, circulation, accommodation and structural screened wall’ to the northern side of the site. The building provides a vibrant mix of cultural connections at ground floor, with 4 interactive interpretation stone ‘hubs’. These stone shaped spheres, with their brightly coloured interiors, provide meeting places for the activities of ‘eating’, information’, ‘display’ and ‘seating’.

The lightweight glazed box which encloses the ground floor travels vertically through 4 levels allowing a magnificent spectacle of open civic space. The angled stilt structure and floating exhibition/display walkways provide a mesmerising cathedral-like space waiting to be explored. Creating a building sited at a higher land level negates the complex issues of interactions with existing services in the ground whilst also providing a carefully designed flood prevention strategy.

At the upper levels, access to the auditorium and public viewing areas provide cantilevered views across the entire district; a beacon for Northwich.