Marston Vale Conference Centre - Bedfordshire

Having been approached by the Forest of Marston Vale with plans to create a new function space to sit alongside the existing visitor centre, we decided to challenge our clients’ vision, proposing a modern, radical piece of architecture to excite and inspire.

Seeking inspiration from the forest whilst employing a clear environmental agenda, the proposals are based on the concept of the tree canopy, with the main space raised on stilts to reduce the physical footprint of the building, whilst affording spectacular views of the surrounding countryside. Fragmented sections of green tinted glazing and bespoke “eco-panels” are combined to create an innovative facade which creates a dappled lighting effect, re-creating the effect of sunlight passing through a canopy of leaves.

Accommodating a multi-purpose function room, catering facilities and a world class cafe, the centre was conceived as a catalyst for generating funds to sustain the centre and its invaluable work for the local forest, whilst creating a remarkable and iconic piece of architecture for the region.