Parkside Community Centre

Our vision for the Parkside Hall is to create a new live entertainment and events venue within Ampthill which will become a “beacon” facility within Bedfordshire. The idea is not only to create a building, but a cultural and community hub enabling a variety of events for all ages and backgrounds.

The focus of the vision is to broaden the established user groups and provide a facility which is available and accessible by all. A cultural and social hub for the community to live and enjoy. The building’s function is primarily a protective shell for the new living room for the whole region.

The Parkside Hall includes 3 main spaces as the flexible auditorium and two different sized suites for all kind of activities. The multi-purpose auditorium with telescoping seating could occupy music, theatre, dance, film performances, dinner events, weddings, conferences, sports, rehabilitation, concerts and for all other celebrations with requirements for a 250 sq meter hall.

The smaller rooms are intended for accommodate smaller groups with similar use intension as in the auditorium. These rooms could be used further as school classes, meeting point for nature friends, business suites to name but a few.

Tye Architects believe, that the Building, an event centre on its own in our region, would be an enrichment for Ampthill, its inhabitants, for Bedfordshire and its outer boundaries.