Working Woodland Centre

The Working Woodland Centre in Maulden, Bedfordshire is a community building that opens to the public, offering facilities to educate and enhance the experience of visitors to the woodland, creating new opportunities and improve the overall image of the surrounding area.

A place where the people of Maulden can promote the local woodland, increasing the understanding and public relationship with the woodland and their products.
The design has been carefully considered, respecting the natural wildlife and vegetation to ensure a long term solution. The proposed building utilises local natural materials to locate and blend into the surrounding context.

The use of high quality, sympathetic materials can be seen throughout the building, adding nature inspired, contextual materials to the location.

The exterior of the building has untreated timber cladding with glass, which are replicated internally. It is designed to adapt to seasonal changes, promoting the beauty of timber. The glazed elements provide natural light throughout the building, creating a sense of openness about the place.A large play area is provided for children and their family, as well as inclusive design to ensure the facilities can be enjoyed by everybody.

The centre also benefits from a range of sustainable features such as bio-mass heating, high specification insulation, high specification glazing, rainwater harvesting, reed bed sewage system, permeable parking specification, air heat exchanger, wood burning stove and organic paints and stains.