Located to the west of Bedford this area of land surrounding the River Ouse is promoted as a new hub point on the proposed Milton Keynes to Bedford waterway providing a lifeline of activities and communities along its course.

This central master-plan will provide an extensive mixed use scheme which will have extensive residential, commercial, retail, community and visitor amenity spaces.

This master-plan solution on the outer edges of this county town provide a solution which provides some 130,000 sq ft overall with 20,000 sq ft of retail, 80,000 sqft of commercial and 30,000 sq ft of residential.

The solution connects the main external ring road through to the riverside location by providing open links with linear development at 90 degrees to the riverside location. Elegant glazed faceted facades provide the mixed use accommodation scheme of generally retail on the ground floor, commercial on the upper floors and residential to the penthouse level.

Public realm interaction with the waterway and providing a navigable link both on and off the water enhances local and visitor use. Cafes and tree lined routes leading you into and around the waterway provide for inviting use all year round.

Some overnight stays with hotel and cabins near to the waterway provide a lively mix of uses which means a real community feel to the solution.