Old Street Regeneration

An open international competition based on ideas for a currently under-utilised area and route way, connecting the old street (London) roundabout area on the north west side with the west end of London, was invited by the architecture foundation.

75 Design teams around the world have entered this competition valued (at its first stage) at £1million. Our proposals were short-listed by the judging panel to the final 17 international architects.

Our scheme aims to utilise (but thin down) the existing mature tree avenue. By creating piazzas, simple benching along meandering and direct route ways, we began to bring back the public to this potentially usable and enjoyable space.

Our studies involved mapping definable routes, nodes, fields, cuts and weaves which intertwine the site. By taking away, enhancing, expanding and adding a series of particular ‘palettes’, we have started to lay down a new ‘mat’. This system, which can be expanded and modified in a clearly recognisable and structured way directed towards the pedestrian, introduced what had previously been lacking.

Our scheme reduces the carriageway and enables us to utilise the best of what is already there.