Bulbeck Mill, Cambridgeshire

Conversions & Alterations

Located in Barrington to the West of Cambridge, Bulbeck Mill is a collection of Listed Buildings configured around a central courtyard.

Tye Architects were involved in a a number of highly sensitive works to various aspects of these buildings. These works were phased over a number of months in order to most carefully deal with the planning implications involved.

We worked closely with the clients, a planning consultant and the local authority in the development of the proposals to ensure we could obtain the optimum design outcome for the site.

The proposals for the site consisted of a combination of design factors: change of use and full refurbishment of the Mill to ancillary residential use to the Mill House, conversion of the thatched barn to a music room/gym, modification of a number of windows to the Milll House thus maximising the use and views from the internal spaces, a new contemporary glazed link connecting the Mill and the Mill House.

The scheme also benefitted from a full landscaping proposal to visually bring together all elements.

1282M_NH036 copy 2
1282M_NH035 copy 2
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Bulbeck Mill-Tye Architects-
Bulbeck Mill-Tye Architects-1282M_NH001
Bulbeck Mill-Tye Architects-1282M_NH002
Bulbeck Mill-Tye Architects-1282M_NH009
Bulbeck Mill-Tye Architects-1282M_NH012
Bulbeck Mill-Tye Architects-1282M_NH014
Bulbeck Mill-Tye Architects-1282M_NH015
Bulbeck Mill-Tye Architects-1282M_NH016
Bulbeck Mill-Tye Architects-1282M_NH017
Bulbeck Mill-Tye Architects-1282M_NH019

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