Dingle Barn, Herefordshire

Conversions & Alterations

Located in a rural area in Herefordshire, the Dingle Barn is an existing stone built threshing barn located in a steep narrow valley, a dingle, and is surrounded by 12.5 Ha farmland.

The scheme provides living accommodation in the existing barn structure and replaces the current deteriorated wooden structure, which was used as animal shelter, with a new building attached to the existing stone barn. Due to the topographical conditions the garage will be located at the plateau above the barn in a natural fold in the land and will be covered by a grass roof.

The barn conversion to residential use together with the new built wing provides a modern, sustainable residential accommodation for the owners, whilst at the same time contributing positively to the retention of the old stone barn. The proposal will secure the place of the barn within the landscape ensuring minimal disruption to the surrounding environment.

The new home for our clients will be in keeping with its rural setting, whilst ensuring a sustainable and energy efficient building fully compliant with all current regulations.

distant view
front elevation

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