Dovecote Barn is a contemporary rear extension project to a recently converted barn in Hertfordshire.

Our clients proposed to build a rear barn extension to their recent conversion in order to create more practical living space for the family, by creating some depth to the long and narrow footprint of the existing barn. The rear barn extension becomes the new dining and informal social area, with direct access and visual connections to the living area and the children’s play area (former dining room).

It was our objective to use this barn extension to improve on the original design; creating a more family friendly space as a whole, yet retaining the character and the linear nature of the barn.

The completed barn extension takes the form of a simple rectangular box, with high quality materials and fittings to provide a modern living environment to the clients. It provides a direct link between the barn and the garden space with level access and large sliding glazing panels which opens up the extension to the external patio area.

The dark painted solid timber wall and some well considered glazing positions allow privacy for both the clients and their neighbours, yet provide generous amounts of natural light, making the barn extension an elegant and welcomed addition to the property.

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