Norwich House, Norfolk

Conversions & Alterations

Set within this private road in the heart of Norwich lies this sanctuary of a street with broadleaf trees surrounding grand plots for elegant historic houses.

This gentle and simply formed mid-century house was looking for the lightest of touches on the street elevation, complimented with an opening up to the rear to better connect the house to its garden.

The extended loft conversion and remodelled first floor extension provided well crafted and useful bedroom and bathroom accommodation to the dwelling. Its forte though was the wide and deep extension to the rear bringing the garden in to the house and the house into the garden.

This generous living, dining and kitchen space allows the family to enjoy a light filled and airy space to enjoy the day to day of a family home. Elegant recessed blinds, lighting features and simply modern clean line design allow for a wonderful space and ability for the family to display their artwork and ornaments.

By matching the render from the original house to the rear and using thin framed glazing connects the house from new to existing and allows for a simple modern appearance to the rear elevation in keeping with its origins but looking forward in specification to maintenance free modern living

1546M_NH033 copy
1546M_NH031 copy
1546M_NH029 copy
1546M_NH027 copy
1546M_NH021 copy
1546M_NH020 copy
1546M_NH019 copy
1546M_NH018 copy
1546M_NH017 copy
1546M_NH016 copy
1546M_NH015 copy
1546M_NH014 copy
1546M_NH012 copy
1546M_NH011 copy
1546M_NH010 copy
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