What the sea brings, and what it takes away, is part of the wonderful nature around us. On this site the impact and influence of the sea is all the more acute.

Our proposals transpose natures ‘marks’ into architecture: from the receding tides; motion of the water; extensive use of natural materials, such as stone and timber, accompanied by plenty of glass to allow maximised interaction and connection with the surroundings.

The linear building forms further relate to the horizontality of the site, coast line and water’s edge. The pool extends the waterfall entrance feature leading the eye towards the sea.

The wave, water or ‘Sea Trace’ which covers the upper elevation plays with the notion of ‘nature as designer’, to provide a glinting and visually moving facade.

This sits on top of a predominantly glazed elevation creating a floating modernist first floor, protected from the sun by captivating screening, whilst the ground floor is set back providing a naturally shaded overhang from the cantilevered first floor.