Gwyscm Road - South Wales

The site is located in an elevated position overlooking Burry Port coast line. The steeply sloping rocky site presented a number of challenges and also an opportunity to create a very special ʻtieredʼ multiple unit scheme that fully utilises the site levels catering for generous parking, circulation and privacy to residents.

The parking facilities and pedestrian access have been located beneath ground to allow for ease of level road side access whilst maximising space and views to the properties set above. The existing landscape and levels have been retained and exploited, and used to frame and direct views, create privacy and access routes through.

The development and location of forms in plan and elevation create the impression of ʻcascadingʼ units, ʻfloatingʼ down the hillside evoking delicacy and movement. A staggered footprint also creates a subtle differentiation between units whilst maintaining a strong visual link. The staggered arrangement of the units are evocative of ʻshifting plate tectonicsʼ and hark back to the history of the area and geology of the site, creating a play with light internally and directing the occupiers towards the views.

The careful consideration and use of dark materials and finishes, by way of metal cladding, grey render and natural stone, would lend itself to the site whilst consciously avoiding the typical relationship of white render for a seaside location.