Paragraph 84e (formely 80e) Architecture

*As of December 2023, what was formely paragraph 80 has been updated to paragraph 84e.

Paragraph 84e Houses: The Ultimate Rural Development
For many homeowners, property developers, and architects alike, rural Paragraph 84e houses (formerly known as Paragraph 79, 80, 80e) are the ultimate dream build. Paragraph 84e – or paragraph 80 – Houses are amongst the most unique and innovative properties in the country, requiring some of the industry’s leading minds and talent to see successful projects through to the finish line. Indeed, to secure planning permission for a Paragraph 80 House, one must meet some of the highest standards of architectural design whilst ensuring that the Paragraph 84e House complements and elevates the surrounding landscape’s geography and history.

To read more about the details and requirements for Paragraph 80 Houses, please take a moment to examine our detailed P80 guide.

At Tye Architects, we have a strong portfolio of single, new build Paragraph 84e houses in rural areas across the entire country. We operate nationwide, and over the years we have cultivated a wealth of great relationships with clients and partners who have unrivaled knowledge in their field.
Build Your Dream Paragraph 80 House Anywhere In The UK
From Milton Keynes to Manchester, Brighton to Glasgow, Birmingham to Cardiff, Tye Architects are a nationally recognised architects who specialise in bringing Paragraph 80 Houses to life. While the Paragraph 80 planning process may be complicated, with the right team around you nothing is impossible. Our philosophy is simple: complicated problems result in impressive solutions. This ethos drives us to create some of the most original, inventive, and experimental Paragraph 80 Houses in the UK, with unprecedented solutions to common barriers that local authorities put in front of Paragraph 80 houses.
Tye Architects: Specialists in Paragraph 80 Houses
By choosing Tye Architects to bring your Paragraph 80 House to life, you are not only choosing one of the most respected architects in the industry (we have featured on Grand Designs many times), but are also drawing on the wealth of talent we have around us, from rural landscape experts to construction specialists and legal professionals. For examples of our Paragraph 80 house projects you can view our portfolio below. If you want to read more about the process of building a Paragraph 80 House, please click here.

And if you are considering making your dreams a reality with a Paragraph 80 project, do not hesitate to get in touch for a no-obligation consultation. Please contact us via our online form or call the office on 01525 406677.