Greenhouse - North London

Located in north London within a prestigious garden of a grand listed building sits this proposal for a new house inside the green belt land. The house is set away from and modest in relation to the listed building.

Looking through the context of the site and history revealed the garden wall, pool, bothy and greenhouse structures. Our proposals look to reinvigorate the idea of the main house, greenhouse and look to create a house inspired by plant greenhouse living. The majority of the house is made of glass and uses Corten shading to certain areas with an apex of glass at ridge level incorporating a living glass roof area for planting plants to flourish. The heat regenerated from the top of the house is also  transferred to the lower levels and the rising heat is used to heat the greenhouse throughout the seasons.

Open plan living connected to the entrance along with 5 generous bedrooms and ensuites provides a modern and inspiring living solution to this listed green belt site.