Moor Park, Astons Road, Rickmansworth

A replacement 8,000 sq f modern and luxury dwelling within the Moor Park Conservation Area.

Our proposed design nourishes from the previous neo-classical and modern tradition while offering a renewed image reflecting the current time and the evolution of the building industry and construction methods. The scale and the balanced proportions of the elevations facilitate the easy and natural integration of the proposal in its mature garden and in the Moor Park context, while the use of high quality materials enhance the value and appearance of the Conservation Area.

High quality stone, zinc and aluminium are long life materials which age well over time and require little maintenance compared to some others spread in the Conservation Area.

All in all, the design is looking to raise the bar of architecture in Moor Park.

The combination of sensitively adopted features of the surrounding context, along with an improved design approach compared to the existing, make our proposed design a positive contribution to the Moor Park Conservation Area, as shown by two consecutive planning permissions for two slightly different schemes achieved at the first attempt.