Heath and Reach House

A replacement dwelling within Greenbelt and Area of Special Landscape Value our proposal was designed to maintain the important features of the existing site, allowing the residents to integrate with their surroundings, reflecting the topography of the site right through to the functional layout of the dwelling, and maintaining the mature landscape so it can continue to thrive.

The new design steps down with the fall of the site and uses this level change in conjunction with the modularisation of the house to create more intimate areas which emphasise and echo the topographical context of the site. It was proposed to use white render, timber louvres and elegant glazing systems that respond to the building’s surroundings, blurring the division between inside and out, whilst also creating light modernist forms that add to the character and architectural appearance of the proposal.

In terms of addressing issues of sustainability, we have utilised locally sourced materials and carefully considered our selection of construction materials, going as far as using natural paints and stains both internally and externally. In addition, by investigating the integration of heat pumps, rainwater harvesting and grey water recycling systems, we are further aiding the provision of an energy efficient and environmentally friendly scheme. The cantilever at the front provides additional protection from the sunlight when required.

We have created for our client, a building of high quality design and architecture to form a fresh modern single dwelling that respects the sensitive nature of the area and brings back a coherent layout integrated with the site while presenting a modern but timeless design concept.

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In recognition of its design achievement Stockgrove House has won a number of design awards:
Aylesbury Vale District Council – Overall winner of Best Design Award 2012
Bedfordshire Association of Architects – Overall winner of Best Residential Design 2012
Grand Designs – Shortlisted for Best Design of Residential Architecture 2012