Holt House Farm

Nestled close to a wood and glade near the Greensand Ridge within rolling countryside just outside Leighton Buzzard in Bedfordshire and the Stockgrove country estate, sits a site high on the hill with far reaching views which had a rather nondescript red brick bungalow and some small equestrian outbuildings.

Our clients sought a break from the norm and worked with us to produce a stunning dwelling which responded to the contextual tones, colours and orientation of the existing site. The proposals sought to mimic and play with the colour and tonality of the ever green wood to the rear of the site using green copper and bronze with timber cladded pavilions, white render pavilions that respond to the differing colours and tones which influence this site.

The ground floor has a straightforward and pragmatic plan from the entrance hall, private garages and leading through to generous wide kitchen/utility areas, through to open plan dining and leading round to open plan living areas. By turning the building through 90 degrees through the three primary activities of living afford a separation and feeling of connection but privacy to the differing activities.

The upper floor with its generously proportion bedrooms, en-suites, bathroom and master-suite along with balconies sits against the wood in its darker toned long elegant rectilinear form providing stunning views at the higher level to the landscapes beyond.