Rickmansworth House - Hertfordshire

One-Off Houses

Located on the edge of Rickmansworth on the edge of the settlement was a lovely opportunity on some garden land. It triggered the potential to build a small but beautifully formed modest house for a new family.

With a tight budget and simplicity being the key, each design move had to be carefully considered to ensure viability to the scheme.

The result is a 3-bed modern, high quality lovable home to enjoy for a lifetime.


TreeHouse27 copy
TreeHouse26 copy
TreeHouse25 copy
TreeHouse21 copy
TreeHouse17 copy
TreeHouse16 copy
TreeHouse15 copy
TreeHouse14 copy
TreeHouse13 copy
TreeHouse10 copy
TreeHouse8 copy
TreeHouse7 copy
TreeHouse5 copy
TreeHouse4 copy
TreeHouse3 copy
TreeHouse1 copy
rickmansworth28 copy
rickmansworth24 copy
rickmansworth23 copy
rickmansworth22 copy
rickmansworth20 copy
rickmansworth19 copy
rickmansworth12 copy
rickmansworth11 copy
rickmansworth9 copy
rickmansworth6 copy
rickmansworth2 copy

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