West Bedfordshire House - Bedfordshire

Located in north Bedfordshire this small holding had historically been used for small scale land/agricultural/livestock use by a family for many years.

The site is largely an open field but with topography that makes it a hidden space with little overlooking from public vantage points. High up to the north of the site is also an existing pond (related to the clay works). The site was historically a place where clay extraction for local brick making is known and this played a key role in material selection.

Our clients sought to provide a modest dwelling under planning policy paragraph 80 which would provide an outstanding design and significantly enhance the setting of the proposals. The house would be unusually modest creating a new and interesting precedent to paragraph 80 houses. It would have no insulation, using a special hollow brick solution and using an innovative solar chimney.

Significant landscaping to the site includes utilisation of the site for their own produce. This was integral to the design brief: a lifetime home supplying as much as possible within its limits.